Publication date: 
19 Mar 2017

Doha, Qatar: In an important step towards the continuous technological advancements within the courts, the Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre (“QICDRC”) has signed an agreement with Singaporean case management solution firm CrimsonLogic, at which the CEO of QICDRC, Mr. Faisal Al- Sahouti, the Ambassador to Singapore, Mr. Mr. Jai Sohan Singh and the CEO of QFCA, Mr. Yousuf Al-Jaida were in attendance


The state of the art Qatari court is renowned for its technological capabilities (including its e-filing and virtual court offerings) and impressive facilities. In line with constantly striving to offer users an efficient judicial process, CrimsonLogic technology will bring various benefits to three distinct groups: court users, internal staff and the judiciary.  


Speaking of the project, QICDRC CEO, Faisal Al Sahouti, said “The QICDRC aims to offer the most modern ‘smart’ court in the world, enhancing its availability to court users across the globe, making it possible to file pleadings, receive orders and judgments and attend hearings virtually without the need for ever stepping foot inside a courtroom.”