Publication date: 
16 Apr 2017

As part of its legal seminar programme, the Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre has held a seminar on ‘The role of the QFC Court under the new arbitration law’.

The speakers at the seminar were Mr. Faisal Rashid Al-Sahouti, CEO of QICDRC, Mr. Christopher Grout, Registrar at QICDRC and Professor Khawar Qureshi, QC at McNair Chambers. In attendance were members from the Qatari domestic and international legal and business communities, as well as regional communities. 



The seminar began with the speakers exploring the subject of the recently published –United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) inspired- State of Qatar law on arbitration. The highlight of the seminar was the QICDRC approved English language version of the arbitration law that was shared with the audience. The speakers also addressed the important issue of enforcement of the QFC Court. Professor Qureshi commented: “Not only is it a massive improvement from the 1990 draft law, but there is also a benefit of having sound legal mechanisms which is evident. If people were unable to have access to arbitration here, they would naturally go somewhere else. The good news is that this law is now here and ready for enforcement.”  Christopher Grout acknowledged: “The completion and publication of this law is a milestone and has been long-awaited by the legal community.”The speakers then discussed the main provisions of the new law and in particular, focused on the role of the QFC Court. Professor Qureshi later said: “Law No. 2 of 2017 supports arbitration rather than controls it, which is exactly what we need here.” The meaning of the new law for Qatar and the legal community in general was also a topic of discussion. Professor Qureshi also revealed that a newly formed user committees committee is scheduled to be functional in the coming month. He noted: “This committee will show that Qatar is open for business and is ready to have all stakeholders on board, whether that is national courts, businesses or legal entities.” Mr. Al-Sahouti praised the initiative, saying: “This is only the starting point of Qatar’s vision to be the best. I am happy that Professor Qureshi has announced the launch of the end-user committee that will be hosted at QICDRC. This is in line with the Ministry of Justice who are working towards offering the best possible international practice in arbitration.” Following the speakers’ presentations, audience members had the opportunity to take part in networking and a Q&A session.