Publication date: 
22 Mar 2017

Mr. Faisal Al-Sahouti, CEO of QICDRC, today welcomed the Secretary-General of Turkey’s High Council of Judges and Public Prosecutor Bilgin Basaran, who are currently on a visit to the State of Qatar with their delegation.

In addition to the CEO, Judge Rashid Al Badr, Enforcement Judge in QICDRC and Dr. Zain Sharar, Senior Legal Counsel at QICDRC were also in attendance. During the visit, Dr. Zain Sharar explained the role QICDRC plays in the legal community and emphasised the link between Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) and Qatar International Court (QIC).

Following the presentation, the esteemed guests toured QICDRC’s facilities and visited the state-of-the-art courtroom. The delegates were also briefed on the court’s procedures and the nature of the case management process at QICDRC. After this, a gift exchange took place between Mr. Al Sahouti and Mr. Bilgin Basaran.